The Principal of Bear River Fitness commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of their logo and business cards:
Bear River Fitness is the passion project of founder and principal, Alex Osorio. His/their mission is to transform lives through health, fitness, personal development, financial freedom, self-care, mental health and positivity.

The combination of Alex’s last name, “Oso + rio,” translated into English, literally, is “Bear + river.” As such, we creatively incorporated the silhouette of a Bear and a River with adorning elements like tree’s and mountains in the background. We ’rounded’ it out with the organization’s name, “Bear River Fitness,” accompanied with the slogan,“Welcome to the den…”

After clear communication and fine-tuning the Bear River Fitness logo/brand/identity to our client’s satisfaction; we then proceeded in formulating the Bear River Fitness Logo Style-Guide. The Logo Style-Guide is an instruction sheet that helps clients understand the various file-formats their logo is saved in and what the different uses are intended for. We at Republic Design Company pride ourselves on educating our clients on proper logo usage techniques and are always available to assist our clients on an on-going basis…
The Logo Style-Guide is saved in Adobe Illustrator File (.ai) format, Portable Document Format File (.pdf) format, Jpeg File (.jpg) format, and Ping File (.png) format:
We expanded the logo/brand/identity of the Bear River Fitness logo into the design of their business cards. The “livery” of the Bear River Fitness Brand is visible on front and back. They opted for a 16 point card stock with flat matte finish on front and back. Included with all pertinent contact information, and popular social media platform “instagram and facebook;” the cards came-out great…
We’d like to sincerely thank Alex Osorio of Bear River Fitness for the opportunity to assist with the design and production of all their marketing collateral…

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