Republic Design Company commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of our iPhone inspired Business Cards.
It dawned on us, we "share" contact cards digitally, and we produce business cards (aka "contact cards"). Why not meld the two (digital card + business card) into one?

We wanted to create the look-and-feel of the iPhone interface as close as we possibly could. We recreated the icons, design and layout, imagery and livery, etc.

We produced it on our standard, 16 point card stock, UV gloss coat on front, flat matte on back, 4/4 full-color front and back, turnaround: next business day +1.


qty.25: $15*
qty.50: $17*
qty.100: $19*
qty.250: $29*
qty.500: $39*
qty.1,000: $49*
qty.2,500: $79*
qty.5,000: $109*
qty.7,500: $129*
qty.10,000: $149*


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