The principals of Mojado Grill commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and creation of the Mojado Grill logo/brand/identity and website:
Mojado Grill by Chef Geno Bahena is a brand new Mexican cuisine restaurant located inside the Pacific View Mall, at 3301 E. Main Street Unit 2590., Ventura, CA 93003. First, some background on one of it’s enigmatic owners and lead Chef, Mr. Geno Bahena...

Chef Geno Bahena is a Mexican Culinary Advisor responsible for the opening of over a dozen restaurants in the Chicago area. “Geno” specializes in cooking classes, menu consulting, catering, food styling, cookbooks, Mexican kitchen layouts, culinary research for TV programs and restaurant start-ups. Mojado Grill is Chef Geno Bahena’s first offering on the West Coast, and currently helms the kitchen at La Costa Mission Restaurant in Malibu, CA.

Some important design parameters, were that we were to use a nice, easily-readable, script-stylized font for both the name of the restaurant, as-well-as, “by Chef Geno Bahena,” title. We were also given “carte blanche,” to come-up-with and infuse what we believed an appropriate representation of not only “Mojado (aka “wet,” in spanish), “Grill” (flame + yellow-to-red color gradient with brushed aluminum texture). The result, was/is the following:
After our client selected the featured logo design, we then proceeded in created the Mojado Grill by Chef Geno Bahena Logo Style-Guide. The Logo Style-Guide is an instruction sheet that helps clients understand the various file-formats their logo is saved in and what the different uses are intended for. We at Republic Design Company pride ourselves on educating our clients on proper logo usage techniques and are always available to assist our clients on an on-going basis…
The Logo Style-Guide is saved in Adobe Illustrator File (.ai) format, Portable Document Format File (.pdf) format, Jpeg File (.jpg) format, and Ping File (.png) format:
After designing and producing their logo style-guide, it was time to start designing and producing the Mojado Grill website, Our clients provided us with incredible photography. We had a strong logo/brand/identity. Now it was time to pool all these elements, online:
We built the Mojado Grill website on We at Republic Design Company love working in wordpress because, “IT’S FREE!” Only fee our clients have to pay is the annual domain name purchase (which runs approximately $15.ºº on GoDaddy or WordPress).

We'd like to sincerely thank Mojado Grill for the opportunity to assist them with their design and marketing needs. 

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