The principals of 101 Roofing commissioned Republic Design Company for the design of their logo, brand, identity, business cards, screen printed t-shirts, and website. 
First, as the name denotes, “101 Roofing” draws a strong affinity to thee "101 freeway;" which runs throughout/connects it’s service area of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties. As-such, we wanted to combine visual similarities of “roofing and/or roofs,” along with the iconic 101 freeway shield.

After clear communication and fine-tuning the 101 Roofing logo, brand, identity to our client’s satisfaction; we then proceeded in formulating the 101 Roofing Logo Style-Guide. The Logo Style-Guide is an instruction sheet that helps clients understand the various file-formats their logo is saved in and what the different uses are intended for. We at Republic Design Company pride ourselves on educating our clients on proper logo usage techniques and are always available to assist our clients on an on-going basis…
The Logo Style-Guide is saved in Adobe Illustrator File (.ai) format, Portable Document Format File (.pdf) format, Jpeg File (.jpg) format, and Ping File (.png) format:
We expanded the logo, brand, identity of the 101 Roofing logo into the design of their business cards and screen-printed t-shirts. The “livery” of the 101 Roofing Brand is visible on front and back. 

For their business cards, they opted for a full-color, 16 point card stock with flat matte finish on front and back.
For their screen-printed t-shirts, they requested they be printed on grey Hanes 50/50's (50% cotton, 50% polyester), with telephone number + website underneath logo.
Next we proceeded to create an online presence as featured at

Client specified that they wanted to be featured on a vast array of popular social media platforms, (facebooktwittergoogle+tumblrpintrestlinkedin, and instagram).

In the natural course of design discovery, we wanted to continue to include iconic visuals associated with 101 Freeway crest, now infused with it’s “Roofing & Construction” aesthetics. The result is a “Ventura Freeway-esque” inspired adornment, complete with iconic green freeway signs, freeway trussing, whimsical palm trees/shrubbery, light-posts, and blue skies…

Client also wanted to address ambiguity of service area. As such, we created a semi-topographical map of the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties area and listed every single city in their “Service Area.”
Thanks to 101 Roofing for the opportunity to assist in the (re)design, (re)production, and implementation of all their marketing collateral. Looking forward to future opportunities to work together on mutually beneficial projects. 



The following are 5 design comps/variations we originally came-up-with…

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