The Principal of "Ruby Y Rafa" (otherwise referred to as "my Wife"), commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of ALL of our "Ruby Y Rafa" Wedding collateral, including, but not limited to: logo, papel picado, engagement postcard, save-the-dates, official/main invite, R.S.V.P. postcard, info card, custom map(s), venue diagram(s), website (, wedding program, stickers/labels, signs/signage (various), and thank-you card(s)…

First, we always start with the logo. We knew we wanted to do something with our initials/the letters "R, R, Y, (Ruby, Rafa, Yepez). During the natural course of design discovery, we found that not only could we create a monogram with our initials, but could also create a nice symmetrical design; and even infuse a heart-shaped cut-out in it's center. 
Our wedding was going to be Mexican themed, so we thought to create "papel picado," and find-a-way to incorporate it throughout our wedding collateral. 
We had a logo. We had a few papel picado designs. We knew we wanted a traditional, Mexican-themed wedding. We knew the venue's where we wanted to host our wedding: (San Gabriel Mission + Grapevine Arbor). It was time to begin invitation design. But first? The Engagement Party postcard invite...

The exterior of the Grapevine Arbor has a very rustic, colonial 'charm' throughout. As such, we employed one of the more 'charming' walls of the area and digitally imposed our papel picado draped across the wall complete with draw-string and shadows.
Along with all the necessary celebration information, the engagement postcard came equipped with a custom map for guests to easily navigate to our event.
For our Save-The-Dates, we contracted a professional photographer and chose this fun image that encapsulated the theme we were shooting for. We then employed a variety of fonts to remind our guests of our upcoming wedding. They were produced on 3in x 5in magnets and mailed in an A1 announcement envelope. 
rubyyrafa_save-the-date_3inx5in_magnet (photo credit: Jack Diesel)
Finally!... It was time to design thee "official invites." Full disclosure: there is a great deal of detail, thought, and reflection, that goes into the design and production of wedding invitations (and associated collateral). It's one-of, if not thee, most-important day('s) in ones life. That's why we at Republic Design Company understand the importance of every single detail and in getting-it/making-it "perfect..."
My "lovely wife" wanted to employ this photograph, but it's orientation was vertical. We creatively replicated it on the left and right hand side with a sepia filter, because the orientation of the R.S.V.P. postcard was horizontal...
rubyyrafa_rsvp_postcard_4.25inx5.5in_front (photo credit: Jack Diesel)
We provided the option(s) for our guests to "write-in" their names, number of guests, if they would/would-not be attending, and the number of guests they would be accompanied with...
Along with the main invite and R.S.V.P. card, we included an information card that basically pointed them to our website,
rubyyrafa_info_card_4.25inx5.5in_front (photo credit: Jack Diesel)
We created these custom maps/diagrams that show how to get to the venue's + and how the venue's were going to be set-up/laid-out...
The ease and convenience of having any-and-all important/relevant wedding information exist online is not only convenient, but, more-and-more, becoming the norm now-a-days. Our website,, has a variety of features like our engagement story/video/play-by-play, blog, "how we met" stories, engagement photo's, hotel accommodations info for out-of-town guests, contact info, ceremony and reception location and directions, honeymoon info, gift registry info, and the archive of our wedding photo's taken by attendee's via hashtag: "#rubyyrafa." website
We designed a wedding program with important information like: (page.2) liturgy of the word, rite of marriage, liturgy of the eucharist, closing rite, (page.3) honorable mentions, and (page.4) thank-you message...
We created labels and stickers for the wine bottles, tequila shot-bottles, and carafe's, mason jar's, stickers, etc...
rubyyrafa_bottle_labels_stickers (photo credit: Jack Diesel)
This "gift-table" sign sat adjacent to the gift box...
This "pick-a-seat" sign stood at the entrance of the seating area...
This "well-wishes" sign stood next to the guest-book...
Finally, we wanted to thank our guests with this commemorative postcard: 
rubyyrafa_thankyou_card_5inx7in_front (photo credit: Jack Diesel)
rubyyrafa_thankyou_card_5inx7in_back (photo credit: Jack Diesel)
"The End..."

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