Republic Design Company is proud to sponsor “Padres Contra El Cáncer, (parents against cancer),” 5K STAND FOR HOPE! Charity Run/Walk taking place Sunday June 24, 2012 at thePasadena Rose Bowl.

Republic Design Company was called upon not only as a sponsor, but (asked) to “join-the-team.” The teams name? “LOS UNICORNIOS MITICOS DE CUAUHTEMOC, (the mythical Unicorns of Cuauhtemoc)” 

We’re not completely sure how the team name arose, but, Republic Design Company has never been one to “back down” from a design challenge…

First, a little background on this amazing charity…


PADRES Contra El Cáncer is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and their families.  While primarily oriented to the Latino community, PADRES’ programs, activities and services benefit childhood cancer patients and their families from all ethnic and economic backgrounds so that NO FAMILY IS TURNED AWAY and all services are FREE.


Founded in 1985, PADRES brings together children, families, healthcare professionals and community leaders to promote a comprehensive understanding of childhood cancer and other blood disorders, as well as effective methods for their treatment. Located at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, PADRES currently remains the only Latino organization of its kind operating within the United States. PADRES’ unique and inclusive program model is premised upon the delivery of a health and education curriculum designed to be culturally-relevant, family-centered and community-based. To learn more about PADRES’ life-saving mission, please visit


To cut straight to the crux of the design dilemma; “How to marry the team name with the focus of the charity?” The solution:

“‘Temo‘, the Unicorn/Piñata

It was a natural progression to implement Temo not only as the quasi-mascot, but also have it exist as the logo/identity of our team. Why, you ask? Because it’s all about the children! It’s about helping families in need. If nothing else, Temo serves as a symbol of celebration and hope to these kids of need…
Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtémoc | "Button/Pin"
After Team/(or rather), “Equipo,’ ‘Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtemoc” fell in-love with their new logo/identity, Republic Design Company created social media artwork for team-members to implement on their social media platforms, (namely, Facebook and Twitter featured below). We then created buttons (or button-pins) for each team member to wear ‘around-the-office’. The focus of the buttons is to incite conversation amongst co-workers and friends in the hopes to increase memberships and, ultimately, increase donation monies.
Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtémoc | "Logo/Identity"
Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtémoc | "Facebook Cover Image"
Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtémoc | "Twitter Background Image"
As Equipo Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtemoc increases in number, so does the t-shirt order we are currently comprising. Below is the tentative t-shirt design Republic Design Company has slated:
Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtémoc | "Silk-Screen Printed T-Shirt"
The following is a video put together from last year’s festivities.
Padres Contra El Cancer | Stand For Hope Feb. 26
Republic Design Company would like to sincerely thank Equipo Los Unicornios Miticos De Cuauhtemoc for there generous acceptance of said logo/identity and related marketing collateral elements. Looking forward to increased membership, increased monies raised, a great turn-out, and us all have a great time for a very worthy cause…

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