RE/MAX Gold Coast Realtors of Ventura County, California, commissioned Republic Design Company as the official design consultants for the 1st Annual "Ventura County Fun Fest;" a benefit for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals event.
Ventura Family Fun Fest Logo Color
Republic was asked to create an original logo/identity that encompassed a feeling relating to (the end of) the month of October. What better iconic figure/symbol than the classic "pumpkin" to serve as the backdrop/anchor to the overall visual presentation of Ventura Family Fun Fest? We then decided to wrap a red ribbon 3 times around the exterior of the pumpkin to highlight the title sponsor, (REMAX), the name of the event (Ventura Family Fun Fest), and for whom the benefit of this event is/(was) for, (Children's Miracle Network Hospitals).
Ventura Family Fun Fest Logo Grayscale
The finishing touch was the inclusion of what we refer to as the "end-tails" in which the top-right-hand end-tail denotes "1st Annual," and bottom-left-hand end-tail denotes "5K/1K."
Ventura Family Fun Fest Logo Sketch
Next, we were asked to create a series of marketing collateral pieces for a variety of applications, including (in no particular order):
1. Wine Glasses
2. Children’s Press-On Mock Tattoo’s
3. Aluminum Water-Bottles
4. E-Mail Flyer (or E-Flyer)
5. Facebook Event Page Image
6. Website Banner
7. Ventura Family Fun Fest 4″x6″ Postcard
8. Ventura Family Fun Fest 8″x10″ Flyer
9. Ventura Family Fun Fest 11″x17″ Poster
10. Ventura Family Fun Fest T-Shirt
Ventura Family Fun Fest: Postcard, Flyer, Poster
Ventura Family Fun Fest: Poster
Ventura Family Fun Fest: Poster
Ventura Family Fun Fest: T-Shirt
Ventura Family Fun Fest: Water-Bottle
Ventura Family Fun Fest: Wine Glass
Ventura Family Fun Fest Web Banner
Last, but certainly not least, we at Republic Design Company would like to sincerely thank Briana Bouffard, Business Development Director at RE/MAX Gold Coast Realtors, for her generous solicitation of our graphic design services. We look forward to working with Briana next year for the2nd Annual Ventura Family Fun Fest…

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